As earlier stated, research have shown that 95% of premature ejaculation problem is psychological while 5% is physiologically related; hence the focus on dealing with the psychological factors. Below are some of the possible remedies for premature ejaculation;

Using withdrawal method. As much as we are aware that some women don’t reach orgasm quickly like men do, it is important for men to master the art of foreplay to prolong their erection. Gone are the days when women don’t complain about their lack of satisfaction when it comes to sex because most of them see it as a duty back then, now the tables have turn and women now want to enjoy sex. So engaging in foreplay has a way of helping men delay their ejaculation, thereby making the woman enjoy sex by reaching orgasm and making the man maintain erection.

Wear a condom. Condoms helps men reduce the sensitivity of their genitals, this doesn’t mean the pleasure you get from wearing a condom is different from when you don’t wear one. It is ideal for anyone battling with premature ejaculation to start wearing a condom so as to prolong erection.

Change your positions often. Start engaging in different positions you’re so not used to because the easy positions gets you to the peak of pleasure thereby causing early ejaculation and lack of satisfaction on the woman’s part. For example the traditional missionary style which is known to make men ejaculate easily and early.

Engage in kegel exercises. This is also known as pelvic-floor exercise which is known to strengthen the vagina muscles and not limited to women only. This is done by holding your pelvic floor muscle for some seconds when feeling the urge to urinate which can be done several times in a day and anywhere. The more this is practiced, the more a man will be able to delay ejaculation. Research have shown that most men who practice kegel exercise start lasting longer after about 12 weeks of this consistent practice.

Focus your thought on something unrelated to sex during the act of love making. Without your partner getting to notice that your attention is divided, shift your thought onto something that isn’t sex related for a few seconds as this will delay your ejaculation. Men should learn how to balance this so as not to lose concentration while making love.

Communication. While a man is trying to deal with his premature ejaculation, communicating the problem to his partner is very important as it makes the woman aware of the reason for her partner’s poor erection, rather than mixing concoctions to drink and having all sort of aphrodisiacs without the knowledge of the woman. By communicating, both partners can solve the problem together and the woman is able to understand where the problem is coming from rather than getting agitated about her partner’s poor erection every now and then.

Breathing exercise and mindfulness. Most men lose erection at the point of penetration when the heart start beating fast and when they start to get agitated, hence the need for breathing exercise. Practicing breathing exercises in and out of the bedroom helps the man have control over his breath that leads to lack of erection.

Go with the flow. Enjoy sex as it comes, be calm, don’t panic, keeping it in mind that it’s not bad to ejaculate quickly at the first round, but plan to keep it longer during the second.

Prolong foreplay. This makes the man learn the act of delaying his ejaculation, thereby pleasing the woman, getting use to himself and having more fun time with his partner. Sometimes a man can get carried away, leading to early ejaculation but not to worry; this can go for the first round and help you build up during the retractive period for a more prolong penetration during the second round.

Practice self-love. This helps when dealing with premature ejaculation by rubbing the cap of the penis personally. This rub and stop process like some people call it is done by rubbing the cap of the penis and stopping when you start getting the urge to ejaculate. When this is done, psychologically, you are training the most sensitive part of the penis which is the cap to get use to sensitivity without ejaculating. This process can be repeated severally to train the penis to get use to sensitivity. Are you struggling with any form of male sexual dysfunction issues and need professional help? Click here to book an appointment with the the Sex Therapist HERE