Whatever i write here is not to judge or disrespect anyone as no one is perfect, In fact, we might notice that one way or the other, everyone of us has one or more of the traits described on some of the categories listed here. Look at this topic from the lighter side of life and let roll.

The truth is that people are different, and understanding our personalities and that of others will help us to relate better as human, in fact, there are some temperaments that could make good couples as well as some that if care is not taken, will end up in divorce.

Above all, understanding your temperament/personality will help you to make progressive adjustment, as no temperament is better than the other, you only need to reinforce your positive traits and weaken the negative ones. The whole essence of this topic is for you to consider this a wake up call, and work on some areas of your life that needs a little bit of adjustment.

1. Corporate wife: Her jobs come first before her family, she can travel from the office for days without previous plan. The house help is the wife of the house by action, she’s just a wife by tittle. She attends dinners without her husband and do lunch in all the choice restaurants in town. She will do anything to protect her job even if it means sleeping with clients or bosses. She’s intimidating and can show little or no respect for her husband

2. Material wife: She can never plan the future with her husband, she will nag and frustrate the husband till she get whatever she wants. She will go for august meeting at the expense of the children school fees. She always want to buy every latest attire without considering the family income, she has spent the money for bungalow, duplexes, land and better things on gold and clothes. She’s always looking out for the latest clothe in town, always in competition and never satisfied. She doesn’t care where the money is coming from so far she’s seen the money. You can liken this kind of woman to the social media slay queens.

3. Chewing-gum wife: The husband to this one is married to her and her parent, she’s mummy’s girl, she can’t differentiate between been a married woman and a single lady, tied to her mother’s wrapper and allows the mother to rule her home. She can never make any decision in her family without consulting her mother. She is a girl and not a woman, she doesn’t have any clue about how to pet her husband, she still move around with her single friends and spend the better part of her days with her sisters.

4.Corrosive wife: Always fighting and very abusive, everyone in their environment knows her, always shouting and cursing the husband not minding if the neighbors are listening or not, very shameless and discourteous. She can disgrace the husband publicly. She must retaliate whatever the husband does to her, The husband is always afraid to come home and the only thing the husband does at home is sleep and eat.

5. Single wife: This one is single but married. Can never detached from her single friends who have no responsibility towards any man. She walks in group and want to dress like her friends who are single and carefree. She gist away the time and stroll around with her friends.

6. Television wife: She’s very idle and has no value. She can’t make any useful contribution to a sensible discussion, all she does is make up for hours and sit in front of TV from morning till night. Sometimes dirty and gossips round the street, that is the type that is called ‘anfani adugbo’ in Yoruba, brings insults to her husband as a result of numerous quarrel resulting from gossips, her gossip is not only about others, she also gossip and exposes her family secrets, everybody in her area knows her, she always have excuses for why she’s not working, if it’s not because of baby, it’s because she’s pregnant, surprisingly she gossips early in the morning, even on Mondays.

7. Traditional wife: A traditional wife must be a full house wife, baby factory, shes not skillful in bed, sex must always be in the missionary style, very boring and not ready to learn, the husband must always do the work during lovemaking, she doesn’t understand the meaning of fore-play and doesn’t know how to turn a man on. She doesn’t even know what it means to reach orgasm, doesn’t understand what it means to call the husband a pet name. Very crude and unromantic , always tying wrapper, and will not exploit new fashion style except the one she’s used to even if the husband ask her to.(need a sex therapist, reach out to one here)

8. Intercontinental wife: this one is a cheat, she’s never sexually satisfied, she will never loose contact with her ex even if he’s trying to sleep with her. If her husband cheats on her she will retaliate by cheating back. she still look forward to advances from men, she wear clothes that exposes her body part even when the husband is against it.

9. The Bossy wife: this one is never submissive, she’s always right, she knows when and how everything need to be done and is relatively certain that her reason for living is to tell her husband who she believes knows next to nothing. She sometimes even bosses him in the presence of others, making him feel belittled, she’s very pushy and disrespectful

10. The proficient wife : A proficient wife is the pride of her husband, loving and dedicated, she takes good care of the husband and the kids as if that’s what she was born to do. She makes her grievances known in a respectful manner and understand how to win her husband to her side, never abusive and will never jack her husband shirt fir fight, very prayerful and hardworking at the same time. She understand how to balance every aspect of her life and shes doing a good job at it.

Does any of the nine type of wives mentioned earlier sounds like you or your partner and you want to work on yourself on your marriage, click here to talk to a marriage counselor.