Different Types Of Female Orgasm?

Women’s sexuality is very complex compared to men’s, which is why it is sometimes hard for a woman to enjoy sex or have orgasm. Thus, men should put extra effort and learn the skills to make their spouse achieve orgasm.
Also when it comes to sex and love making, sex is very deep and it could be extreme and if one keeps looking for more sexual pleasures by trying to get to the depth of sex, you could dehumanize yourself and your life can be lost when trying out those complicated and complex things.
There are healthy ways that is so interesting to achieve sexual desires, and below are some of the types of female orgasm;
Clitoral orgasm. About 75% of women will not reach orgasm with penile penetration and for some women penetration is just an icing on the cake for them. If a man is wondering where to touch or what to do to make a woman reach orgasm, he should understand and learn about the clitoral orgasm because the clitoris is the center of enjoyment for women.
Women should also take time to understand and discover themselves and their bodies and know what they really like and what works for them so as to be able to communicate it to their spouse.
Clitoral orgasm can be easily achieved by gently licking, sucking or fingering the clitoris to derive pleasure. It also require special skills and taking one’s time around the clitoris; moving from the lap, to the bum, to the labia, while brushing through the clitoris gently and by the time you are coming back to the clitoris, it is already swollen and begging for attention and the woman is already aroused. Clitoral orgasm is very interesting and a lot of women find it easy to achieve clitoral orgasm.

G-spot orgasm. The g-spot is located about 2 to 3 inches inside a woman’s vagina, at the root or top of the vagina. G-spot orgasm can be achieved by dipping a finger or 2 inside a woman’s vagina. A woman can get an explosive orgasm by fingering her while touching the clitoris.
For so many women that achieve orgasm through penetration, what happens is that while the man is thrusting, he’s able to touch the g-spot thereby making a woman reach orgasm. There are certain positions that could help you touch the g-spot while having sex and sometimes when you decide to change positions during sex and you notice something feels good, then maintain that position.

Blended orgasm. This is when you are able to stimulate 2 parts of the woman’s body at the same time to achieve orgasm. Stimulation and caressing works a lot for women to achieve orgasm and taking time to take care of the body before diving or penetrating into the vagina does it for a lot of women. When doing this, you will need both of your hands and your eyes.

Multiple orgasms. This could be serial (having an orgasm and picking it up again to have another) or sequential (having an orgasm and taking your time before having another) Women have the capacity to orgasm back to back unlike men that have to take their time before achieving another orgasm.

Sleepgasm. This type of orgasm occurs when you asleep and for some people, it could wake you up when it happens. Sleepgasm cannot be learnt or tried, it happens on its own especially when you are in a relaxed state or when your underwear comes in continuous contact with your clitoris. For some people it could happen as a result of watching or reading some dirty or sexual contents before going to bed.

Cervical or C-spot orgasm. This happens as a result of deep penetrating sex and when the penis touches the opening of the cervix. Some people use toys to achieve this type of orgasm and the only disadvantage is being prone to infection while trying to use toys. Also for those that have partners with XL penis, it is very easy to achieve cervical orgasm.

U-spot or urethra orgasm. The urethra is not only for peeing, it is surrounded by some of the hidden parts of the clitoris and there are beautiful nerves ending that are centered on the urethra. When the urethra is well stimulated, blood rushes to the erectile tissue which can result to ejaculation or squirting. Urethra orgasm is very good for those that like to squirt and what you need to do is deep penetration that allows you touch the opening of the urethra. Most people also achieve u-spot orgasm with urethra toys.

A-spot or anterior fornix erogenous orgasm. This is located right above the cervix, around the belly button and it can be achieved with deep penetration and with some certain styles.

Nipple orgasm. The nipple is like a small clitoris because it is also made up of nerves ending. For some people, the nipple can be such a turn on for them and they can achieve orgasm by merely touching their nipple.
Coregasm or exercise induced orgasm. This is induced by exercises that are focused on trimming the tummy and firming the tummy muscle. This could happen shortly after the exercise or during the exercise. Exercising is good to keep a healthy sexual life and also helps to be sexually active.

Expanded sexual response. Not every woman can experience this type of orgasm and those that experience the ESR have multiple prolonged intense and highly sensual orgasms at the same time.