As human beings, we are sexual beings. Thus right from childhood, we look for ways to gratify our sexual desires throughout our developmental stages till when we become adults. Maturity and proper development comes in when we do not allow such desire for pleasure to override our sense of reasoning.
Sex is a very important part of our lives and we get a kind of satisfaction from having a sexually fulfilling life. If you see a woman or a man that is incapable or not fulfilled in the bedroom, it tends to affect every area of their lives and makes them unproductive.
Sexuality is a part of us, it is more than just penis and vagina it is our being, it determines our identity, our relationship and our development. Therefore, it is important to put our sexual life in the right perspective.
Sex is a spiritual gift given by God to humans, it is supposed to be enjoyed and we should always make the best of it. You should think about sex and get excited, it should be something you share with someone special, something so deep that makes you vulnerable, something you always think about and gets you wet or causes an erection. But for so many people, especially in this part of the world, sex seems to be a curse and the reason peoples marriages are falling apart.
In Nigeria, the rate of secrecy, pretense and hypocrisy in marriages is alarming. Failure to open up about their sexual desires, sexual issues, where and how they want to have sex, etc, which is the cause of premature ejaculation. As couples, you need to loosen up, stop pretending and be yourself. Men seem so comfortable telling their girlfriends to suck them like they mean it and do other stuff to them, but can’t say such to their wives. Also women can’t tell their husbands the sex position they want, demand for oral sex, etc.