Intimate Talk with Dr Tolu


Intimate Talk With Tolu is from the stable of Intimacy Clinic, a clinical consulting firm based in Lagos Nigeria. A pioneer Radio and TV show that takes professional counseling seriously in this part of the world, by helping people to open up on intimate and emotional issues troubling their minds.Beyond the usual media chit chat, the show takes a step further by dealing with deep intimacy and relationship issues affecting couples and individuals, clinically and professionally. Still unrivaled in the field of clinical counseling and sex therapy, Intimate Talk With Tolu has gained multitude of loyal and addict follower-ship online as well as Radio and TV.


How do you notify your partner whenever you want to get down? Do you expect him/her to read your mind, hold your pillow and face the wall expecting him/her to touch your shoulder and roll you over, maybe you usually touch her legs like our grand parents do in the olden days? Do you wink, stylishly open your laps or simply ask? May be you have to beg in your case, or you're the type that uses signals and actions, like not wearing pajamas, bathing etc. As simple as it sound, making the first move during the act of love making can be a daunting task for so many people. Join The Fixer as she fixes this this week. Time is 11pm @nigeriainfofmlagos and @wazobiamax You can also watch live online HERE



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