In Nigeria, there is no statistics of how many people get married out of love, thus majority of people get married for the wrong reasons which leads to unhappiness. In this part of the world, couples fail to understand that love is a gift; hence they don’t include it on their scale of preference while preparing to go into a relationship.
We tend to get carried away with other things forgetting that romance is the CORE in a relationship. Topics like this when discussed helps couples get back to spicing things up in their relationship.
Therefore, shower sex is one of the ways to spice things up in your relationship, and here are some things you can do in preparation for shower sex;
Prepare your bathroom for it. Introducing shower sex in your relationship can be tricky, so you have to deliberately install some things in your bathroom, such as foot mat, handles to hold, and other materials to help you achieve your aim. You also need to take out or uninstall anything that can harm you or your partner, because sometimes shower sex can be spontaneous.
Use water based lubricant. Water would get your partner dry, therefore using a lubricant while having sex in the shower is advisable.
Remove all obstructions. Shower curtains, shampoos, buckets, etc should be removed to avoid distractions.
Stay out of the bath during foreplay.
Set the mood in your bathroom. Dim the light, install colored lights, have a bedside lamp, put on soft music, etc to put you and your partner in the mood.
Undress each other. Sometimes undressing each other in the bathroom while fore playing puts you in the mood for sex. Couples should learn how to do this more often.
Kiss. Kissing while the shower is running gives a spark and a rejuvenating feeling.
Make use of your mirror. Look at your partner lustfully in the mirror while having sex in the shower, it kind of give a boost.
Know when to stop. When it gets awkward and uncomfortable, you can extend the sex somewhere else. There should be no boundaries.
There are certain styles you can use in the bathroom, which are;
Inside out. One person stays under the shower while the other outside the shower to ensure balance.
One leg up. The man raises one of the woman’s legs up, rather than placing it on the floor or on the edge of the bath tub.
Standing doggy. This position allows for great stimulation as your man would be able to touch your boobs, spank you ass and can have access to every part of your body.
Reverse cow girl. Here both couple is facing the same direction while the woman sits on top.
Leg wrapping. This is mostly for strong men and light women because the man needs to balance well while lifting the woman off the ground and wrapping her legs around his waist.
Trying new things out in a relationship, helps spice things up and ensures a healthy relationship.