It is obvious from previous episodes of  my show that a lot of couples are battling with sexual issues in their marriages.

Usually, the general belief is that, the men are the one that is always enjoying sex, why the women are the ones at the loosing end, but my experience on this show these few days has proved otherwise.

Even though its a common saying that men love sex and and most time all they need is a place to have sex and not a reason, men also want quality love making, when you are married and want to keep your man or at least make him happy them you must spice up your game.

Men could have sex even when they don’t love the woman, her body or the scenario, but they get attached when they are in love, find all these plus the woman that knows how to do them right in bed.

The probability that a sexually unsatisfied man will masturbate or cheat is very high, lack of sexual satisfaction is the major reason why men cheats.

Theres something in every man that wants his woman to be a lady on the street and a freak in the bedroom, give him the pleasure of making that a reality.

Some men are never satisfied with what God has given them, contentment is a virtue, someone will always be more prettier, slimmer etc, stop imagining things on your head. If you find something you like, tell your woman to develop it and if there’s something u don’t like, tell her to change with love.

From my experience as a sex therapist, here are the basic things that turned men off sexually

  • Dead women in bed
  • Women who leaves nothing to the imagination
  • Women who commands too much
  • Women who makes little or no effort to be sexy outside the bedroom
  • Bad toucher
  • Women who never initiate sex
  • Women who talk about former lovers
  • Bad kisser
  • Women with poor Hygiene
  • Faking it: men who knows their women well can tell when they are faking it
  • Women who talk too nasty
  • Women who constantly put themselves and their body down
  • Women who are not open to new things or creativity
  • Women who talk too much in bed: discussing bills, kids etc during the process of lovemaking.
  • Women who wear ugly underwear
  • Unresolved family issues
  • Women who never shows signs of interest or satisfaction during lovemaking
  • Financial crisis/ office/ business crisis
  • Women who makes nasty comments about his sexuality
  • No blow job women: Research shows that Men that receive bad, or no blow jobs at all, cheat more often and are less satisfied with their relationship than guys that get head regularly.

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