People send parcels and delivers gifts items now and then, but intimate errands is not just about delivery or parcel services, its about the unexpected wow experience, the positive effects that lingers, its about the emotional impact that binds.

What we do at intimate errands is SURPRISE DELIVERY and we deliver ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. From remote villages to the most populous cities in the world, you don’t have to worry about how to impress your loved ones or show how much you care, all you need do is send us on a mission.

When people send us on errands to their loved ones, the idea is to send them presents on their special day, but from the reports of our clients, intimate errands is doing much more than that. The impact of intimate errands is worth more than a million dollar gift, it has restored homes at the verge of breaking, bring back trust to storming marriages, bonding and reassurance to relationships and marriages that has lost the sparks, in fact we are in the business of putting smiles on people’s faces.


When you love someone, their happiness becomes your topmost priority. Are you thinking of the best way to impress your loved ones? Send us on a mission. We deliver surprise packages to your loved one, in a grand style, right at their doorsteps. Our errands help to amend, restore and spice up friendship, relationship, and marriage.


Put aside everything you’ve heard about surprises. Nothing warms the heart more than showing family or friends that they are in your thoughts even when you are hundreds, or even thousands of miles away! Imagine this. Ding dong!!! The bell rings and your fiancé, spouse, child, parent, or other family member, opens their door to a big “Surprise!!!” sent with love from you unexpectedly. 


Have you been trying to get her attention and you dont know how or she's proving stubborn, or you want to make the first move as a lady and you dont know how, lets help you! Intimate Errands convey your innermost though and emotions with unspoken words, we help you break the barrier and make her say yes without stress.


Is someone special to you celebrating his/her birthday? lets help you wow them. Waiting till burial ceremony to celebrate one's parent is unwise, its only what you do for them when they are alive that counts, and, no kind of parties or celebrations can give the feelings Intimate Errands gives.




She's a popular woman of God in Lagos, and all the children are now grown and live abroad except for the last born who is an undergraduate.

It was a mother's day errands and the daughter in America has sent us, by 6am we were at their doorstep with our saxophonist and others, all in uniform. As he professionally played the popular Yoruba tune "mummy ooo wa pelaye...." all the neighbors were already opening their window to see what is going on......