My experience as a Relationship & Marriage counselor has exposed me to the battle of looks that couples go through on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, i have had encounter with couples who dissolve their marriages because of the physical appearance of the woman. The fact that men are moved by what they sees cannot be overemphasized, take it or leave it, constant packaging and styling is needed for any woman who wants to remain in her man's mind.

The issue here is the fact that styling requires expertise, knowing the kind of clothes and looks that suits your body shape is very important. At Intimate Imaging and Styling, we understand the power of look and its impact on relationships, we therefore help you resolve this headache without stress.

If you are thinking of upgrading your look or that of  your partner, or you dont know the right way to stop your partner unhygienic and unattractive look, talk to us, lets turn him or her to the desired partner you have always wished for.