As popular as dating websites are, every year a minimum of one thousand new dating website is being created worldwide.
Online dating statistics shows that 20% of those in committed relationship began online and 7% of marriages in 2015 were between couples that met on a dating website. Why is it that we have just 7% of marriages? This statistics shows that against popular belief, people still need one on one interaction to get to meet new people or to meet the person they like.
We are all whom we are by conditioning, either by our society, family, culture, religious background, etc. and also the type of training we were exposed to while growing up.
It is therefore important to note that over dependence on social media could lead to poor social and interpersonal skills which could make people prone to depression, suicide, exposure to pornography, and even sexual dysfunction. This means that interpersonal skills and social skills are gradually being eroded in our society today because people stay behind their phones to chat, talk, transact business, network, etc. and what this does is it reduces how we interact and relate with people physically because we have gotten used to everything being done with our phones. We would notice these days that people also use their phones to express their bad or negative side, by leaving bad comments on people’s pages, throttling people and doing all sorts on social media.
Working on our interpersonal skills to enable us learn how to meet or talk to someone one on one, rather than rely so much on social media and end up not knowing how to approach the opposite sex or even maintaining a relationship peradventure.
It is high time parents start watching what their children consume online, especially when they are being handed a mobile device, parents should make sure they teach them how to meet and relate with people by creating opportunities for them to interact with other people by taking them out so as improve their interpersonal skills, rather than allowing them lock themselves up in the room free of interaction with people.
Back in the days where social media wasn’t as popular as it is now, people would talk and interact with other people one on one and still it was difficult for a man to toast a lady. Now, toasting a lady might sound so simple, but there are a lot of men that find it very difficult to look at a lady eye ball to eye ball, or to say hello to a woman or to even ask them out on a date.
There is something in every man that makes them want to get that woman they desire, thereby strategizing on how to go about it and the feeling of accomplishment whenever they finally get that woman they desire and this is part of what boosts a man’s ego. Also for women, there is something that always makes them desire the attention of a man and there’s a kind of feeling a woman gets when she is being toasted or asked out by a man even though she doesn’t like the man or maybe she is married. She still feels that she is attractive, beautiful and still “got it” whenever she is being approached by a man.

How do you make it easy to toast a woman?
It is important to note that money is not everything and you don’t have to always use it to toast a lady. The belief that making a whole lot of money before toasting a woman or going into a relationship should be countered as it is not all women that have that as their criteria. Therefore a man should learn how to improve his interpersonal skills, his social skills, learn how to win a woman’s heart and how to win her to his side. This when done, boosts a man’s ego and makes him feel like he is on top of the world.
Overcome your fear of rejection. This can be done by telling yourself it is okay to be rejected, you need to psyche yourself, you need to accept that everyone doesn’t have to like you and every lady doesn’t have to say yes to you. Men should work on this fact and learn how to move on from when they are being rejected before starting to approach women.
For most men that find it hard to toast a lady, the problem is looking at a lady and thinking she is too beautiful or too big or too rich for you, etc. so you think she will definitely say no to you, which shouldn’t be an issue. Thus, the best way to overcome your fear of rejection is to understand that it is okay to be rejected. How then do you know if a lady is going to reject you if you don’t take that step to talk to her and even if she makes jest of you and throw bad words at you, dust that off and move to the next person. Before you talk to 6 or more people, someone will definitely say yes to you and you never can tell if the first person would be the one to say yes.

Try to make her a friend first instead of going directly to toasting her. First get close to her, make her your friend and then it will be easy to take it to the next step. While doing this don’t be too carried away to allow a lady friend zone you or refer to you as a brother and don’t get too comfortable being friends with her when you know the motive of making friends with her in the first place.

Do a bit of research about her. Social media has made things easy when it comes to finding out about someone. Do a bit of research about her; her kind of friends, her likes and dislikes, what she does for a living, etc. knowing all these beforehand makes it easy to talk to her on the first date or when you finally get to talk to her.

Work with goals. This means setting a time limit for yourself beginning with your first hello to her and when she finally says yes to you. You could set weekly goals, i.e. week 1: know her name, week 2: know more about her, etc. until the last week when you have to finally ask her out. You should also not to expect her to love you at first sight or be all over you after a week or to say yes to you on the first day you met her.

Appear happy. Nobody wants to be a part of a boring and moody life. Men that are nerds or melancholic in nature need to work on their personality first, learn how to talk to people and make friends with people before toasting a lady. One of the best ways to capture a woman’s heart is to be a jolly good fellow, because it makes it easy when a woman sees you walking towards her and she could connect with you or fall in love with your personality and sense of humor. Appear happy, laugh and smile always.

Take care of your hygiene. Smelling good always attracts a woman to a man and makes a woman to always want you to be around her. Learn how to appear clean and take care of your body (mouth, armpit, hair, etc.) always especially when you know you are about to toast a woman or bump into that woman you admire, because every woman wants to identify with a clean and good looking man.

Be yourself. There is no point trying too hard to be someone else or portraying who you are not. Simplicity works and it is easier for a woman to connect with you if you are yourself and if you are being real.

Avoid discussing sex and sexual matters. Any kind of discussion that relates or move towards sex should be completely avoided. Talking about sex, asking her questions related to sex and her sex life or intimate talks might be a turn off for a woman that is trying to get comfortable with you.

Follow up but don’t be a pest. It is okay to chase a woman and not give up on a woman you really want, but don’t overdo it. Check on her and give her something to always look forward to. Make sure the set goal is being achieved but don’t be a pest.