Hey Beautiful, Remember to treat yourself to a good dose of orgasm today, it’s national Orgasm Day baby, and it’s gonna be a long night….. National orgasm day is usually celebrated on the 31st of July in most countries across the world, include UK and America. To celebrate the day, here is one amazing fact you need to know about orgasm: There’s a type of orgasm called the U-SPOT ORGASM. Have you been trying to squirt without result, make sure you achieve u-spot orgasm and all you will have to do is have a towel handy. Your urethra isn’t just for peeing, when a woman is aroused through the stimulation of the urethra, blood rushes to the tissue surrounding the opening of the urethra and this can result in explosive orgasms that brings about squirting. The question is, how do you stimulate the urethra? The good news is that your clitoris actually extends to the urethra, so stimulating the clitoris could lead to urethra stimulation but not in all cases. Certain positions could also help the penis to do the job and of course urethral vibratory. But before you insert anything, remember the urethra can be prone to infection.