Sex is a very crucial aspect of marriage that cannot be over emphasized. Even though sex is not all that matters in marriage, it actually matters greatly.

Research shows that about 75-85% of marital issue is sex related! that is why you will see a woman whose the husband can buy her the world still cheating on him.

It’s a pity it’s a topic we find difficult to discuss in our society.

Most time couples fight about sex because of lack of understanding of the difference between men and women when it comes to sex. Men measure level of intimacy by physical actions like sex but it’s much more deeper than that for women, stuffs like spending time with her, listening to her, hugging her from the back and fulfilling her emotional needs are all what intimacy means to a woman.

The hormonal differences between a man and a woman is another reason why men desired sex more than women. Testerone, one of the hormone responsible for sex drive is 20-40 percent higher in men than women, though not always the case but is common and normal for men to desire sex more than women.

1. COMMUNICATE : Fighting is different from communicating, you need to talk about it calmly and rationally, consider the make ego when you are trying to talk about this. Wether one of you is not getting what you want, or you have different sex drive or whatever the reason is open discussion and honesty is the solution to avoid fight. No mater how difficult it is u have to talk about it.

2.COMPROMISE: It’s difficult for the 2 of u to be at the same page all the time,maybe one prefer sex in d day time, for example like the truck driver who called d other day, or one like it done with the light on, or one hate to be touched while sleeping, or differences in styles or frequencies, men can compromise by helping the wife with some household chores wen u know u r planning to have sex later in the night and women can compromise by doing it once in a while wen not in d mood.

3. FIX WHAT IS NOT WORKING: you don’t like the way he jump into action before foreplay, you don’t enjoy it at all, there’s something she’s not doing at all or rightly, you don’t like the smell…… Instead of getting into argument over same issue every time you wanna make love, try and fix the problem.

4. BE VULNERABLE: Being vulnerable doesn’t mean doing what you don’t want to do, it just means letting down your guards and putting your all in the act to get the best from it. Don’t raise my leg, your hair is touching me, i don’t want to moan so people wont hear, don’t squeeze my bum etc… Like i said there should be mutual understanding and SEXUAL BOUNDARIES should be respected, but being vulnerable helps you to get lost in the act and enjoy it to the fullest.

5. DON’T BE SELFISH: When you get to a point where lovemaking is about your partner then you two are in for a good ride, this is a point where the satisfaction of your partner becomes your topmost priority. If you two can meet at this point, most of the arguments and lack of satisfaction issues will be avoided.

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