A bad relationship can make one’s life miserable; therefore we need unending support from family members, friends, lovers, etc. Living life without a proper support system could be frustrating, and could be worse if it comes to intimate relationship where you are lonely and wish you had someone to show you all the affection you need. Most couple tends to outgrow their emotions and expression of what they feel for each other. Love is an action word; it should be shown and expressed by our actions. It is important for humans to crave love and affection, most especially from loved ones; we want to hear how we are cared for and loved unconditionally.
The power of touch is therefore important as it expresses our love and care to others; children who missed the power of touch in their early childhood could grow up to be bullies or have a lot of paraphillic symptoms, ADHD, etc. all these could happen by simply not telling our children we love them when we ought to or drawing them closer often or when need be.
This also apply to adults in long relationships that have outgrown how to express their love and affection towards their partners, which includes kissing, hugging and telling them you love them from time to time. Unfortunately for couples, they tend to get carried away and don’t express how they care about each other, thereby affecting their mental health in the long run.
Relationship is very important and needs to be taken seriously, we need to start making deliberate effort to take care of people around us, and we need to express our love and affection to those around us and our loved ones.
It is possible in a relationship for one party, which is mostly the woman to be the only one depositing in a relationship, i.e. showing affection, care, always checking up on the other party, making effort to ensure that their sexual life is blooming, giving all round support, making sure the relationship bond is strong, ensuring the other party gets all he desires, etc. Men that fails to deposit in relationship as most women does require love and affection at some point in their lives, which could be at their lowest point/vulnerable moment and because they have not been contributing or depositing into their relationship, it is very easy to get carried away by cheating on their partners, making costly mistakes, getting anxious, or even falling into depression. Because the place they are supposed to refuel from is empty as a result of not fulfilling their own part of the deposit in the relationship they are in.
Whatever you give is what you get, and when it comes to marriage, it is 100% deposit from both parties. Depositing kisses, warmth, love, words of encouragement, good sex, orgasm, support, affection, etc. so that when your system is down and asking for all the above mentioned, you can always have something to fall back on and pick up from.
Both men and women are vulnerable and when there is lack of love and affection from your partner, there is a tendency to get carried away and try to fulfill your desires somewhere else.