It is obvious from previous episodes of this show that so many couples are battling with sexual issues in their marriages.

Usually, the general belief is that, the men are the one that is always enjoying sex, why the women are the ones at the loosing end, but my experience on this show these few days has proved otherwise.

Someone even called in that he usually force his wife whenever they want to make love, that is a horrible situation and in fact could be a crime under the law.

The point is; maybe, if she’s enjoying it, she will look forward to it or maybe they are things you are not just doing rightly, tonight i will be talking about possible things that can make a woman not show interest in sex.

  1. Being in a hurry
  2. Going in without a condom/ family planning, when shes trying to avoid having another baby.
  3. Acting like an emperor: Using commanding tone as if its all about you
  4. Being too rough : rough sex can be fun when both parties are okay with it
  5. Pushing her head down below, stylishly seek her consent if you want a blow job
  6. Being a poor kisser
  7. Bad hygiene: smell, shaving,
  8. Being too boring: e.g being too afraid to try new things or not knowing what to do
  9. Being selfish: don’t drag her to sexual positions that works for only you
  10. Smell of cigarette or alcohol
  11. Talking too much, talking is a turn on, but don’t because of that make it too much.
  12. Mishandling women breast
  13. Comparing her to your ex
  14. Comparing yourself/your woman with porn actors
  15. No love sex . If she doesn’t feel connected to you, she can get turned off so easily e.g expecting a prostitute to feel like your wife is asking for the impossible
  16. Not knowing how to make her feel like a woman. Don’t switch on your interest on your wife when you are sexually aroused , compliment, fondled,touch, show affection even when you are not planning to have sex
  17. Lack of concern when she has too much to do before coming to bed. I usually say this alot of time, if you are looking forward to a romantic night, be nice in the evening.
  18. Getting up/ sleeping off and snoring immediately you are done
  19. Unresolved family issues.
  20. No cunninlingus especially for women who wants it, or doing it the wrong way. It might interest you to know that about 80% of women will not reach orgasm through mere penile penetration. So, how come you want blow jib and wont give a head?