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COVID-19 Is A Serious Threat On Relationships

Now that you are in each other's space as a result of the compulsory and necessary social distance order, looks like all your unresolved issues are resurfacing and your life is becoming unbearable. The truth is, conflicts don't go away unresolved, but we can help you bring back the spark in your relationship and marriage. Take advantage of our online sessions now, LET'S FIX IT! BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE: +2348184575377


Search no further, we got you covered! Here we apply professional Counseling Skills backed with Ethical guidelines to help you bring back the spark in your relationship and marriage.


Looking for a professional counseling clinic where you can be yourself and feel at home? You are in the right place! At Intimacy Clinic, every client is unique! your session with us is 100% confidential and we dont judge or discriminate based on color, race, religion, cultural or personal belief.

We understand that your relationship is your life and as long as you're willing to give it a shot, it can be beautiful again. If your concern is about having a beautiful sex life and mind blowing orgasm, search no further!



Sex Therapy

Don't go one more day feeling inadequate. Whether its about no/low orgasm, no/low libido, igniting intimacy, managing past sexual traumas, premature or delayed ejaculation. It is possible to develop your sexual confidence in and outside the bedroom again.FIND OUT HOW


Couples/Individual Counseling

You are here because you want to make it work, and that's a great move. As long as you're ready to give it a shot, it can be worked on. Wether it's about Constant conflicts, unmanageable differences or you are even, at the verge of divorce. I am your Fixer of relationship and marriage, and I can help you. FIND OUT HOW

Pre-marriage Counseling

This is where most people got it wrong in the first place. compatibility and weighing all options is very important before getting into a life time commitment. I can help you to fix your differences and kick start your journey to forever on a clean slate.  FIND OUT HOW



Good/Bad marriages start form the kind of choice we make, I understand how cumbersome it could be to find that right one, I could help you bridge the gap and connect you to your most compatible match.Life shouldn't be boring and lonely when there are people out there who will do anything to be with you. . FIND OUT HOW



Hello, thank you for visiting my website, I am the Head Therapist at Intimacy Clinic. I'm passionate about relationship and marriage and I understand how a bad one could make life unbearable. I have more than a decade experience in this and I have 97% success rate. With an average of 20 hours of session weekly, you are in the best hands.


Dr. Tolulope Oko-Igaire


For close to 10 years, I searched for answers on how to become a professional Counselor/Therapist, and googled endlessly to no avail. My dream is to become a professional Relationship & Marriage Counselor and A Sex Therapist, this looked so impossible in Africa. Today, I'm living my dreams and I find so much fulfillment being able to lead people towards lasting happiness as well as help other people who have dreams of becoming professional Counselors. Now, Intending Counselors could walk into my office, and ask all their troubling questions about how to professionally specialize in a particular counseling field, the difference between pastoral counselor and clinical counselor, how to start a private practice etc. If you are passionate about helping people and will like to start living your dreams like The Fixer, Simply click on this link and let me show you how. START HERE




I have been to counseling on my marital issues before and I have friends that have done same, but none of us had the kind of encounter my wife and I just had with you. You really know this job Dr Tolu, and I think you’re doing it professionally, totally different from the old style we are used too, and I tell you the results has been impressive. My wife is so happy and I sincerely don’t know my marriage could be this fulfilling. Thank you for all you do, I will definitely tell my friends about you

Mr Micheal

Thank you Dr. Tolu. Your lecture has brought happiness to many broken homes and relationship tearing apart. God bless you.


Akporero Oghenekaro Godwin

Dr Tolu, good job, I'm learning every time I watch and listen to your talk.


Offeh Joy Diseye

Doing a marvelous work. I commend your efforts


Ebube Sunny

My husband and I practically make love twice a year before a friend introduced me to Dr. Tolu, I've tried everything you can think of, and i have become a sad and depressed woman. Today i can tell you sex Therapy works, this woman is a life saver!

Mrs George

I was single against my wish but never knew i was doing so many things the wrong way till i met her, Dr. Tolu helped me to reorganize my life and i found the right man within 3 months of meeting her. She's truly The Fixer, I'm so happy...


Getting a Professional Counselor to help my wife and I in a country where we are expatriates looked impossible until we met Dr. Tolu. A brilliant and highly professional Counselor, She was the much needed support system when we almost lost hope in our marriage.


So i was surfing through google, looking for ideas on a great bachelorette party, and I stumbled on The Fixer. I have so much to say about that experience, but in a simple term, I had the best bachelorette party ever, still the best decision i made for my wedding planning. In a nutshell, no one should have a bachelorette party without A Sex Therapist, not just any Sex Therapist, make sure you chose The Fixer.


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